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Nature of Money

Jul 7, 2021

Is your mental chatter keeping you poor? 


“The inner critic is like the bitch inside of us. She is the one that is angry, frustrated, she's gone rogue. She's super, super sad. And really, that comes from that deep sense of trying to survive. It's the survivalist part of us that's trying to keep us alive.”  - Jennifer Love


In my experience working with female founders, I have witnessed firsthand the destructive effects of the inner critic. This critic is the voice inside that says: “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not doing enough.”  “I’m a failure.” “I should be further along.” “I should be over this.” “I am wasting my life.” When we say this to ourselves, we feel defeated, angry, resentful, and filled with fear.  


In this episode of the Nature of Money, I sit down with a group of high achieving female founders who share what their inner critic sounded like. We explore where it came from, and the connection it had to their net worth. I also invited Mario Martinez who is a bio cognition expert to discuss the power we have over our minds to change our core beliefs.  


Together we explore what happens when the inner critic gets the upper hand. It destroys our ability to move forward, to flourish in life, to embrace a growth mindset, and to take appropriate, calculated financial risks.


What does your inner critic sound like? Learn more about how to change your inner narrative to discover for yourself how your inner critic could be blocking you from “living wealthy.”