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Nature of Money

Apr 21, 2021

The ending of the Cinderella story is timeless and consistent in all of her various global iterations - to be whole and complete she needs to be rescued BY PRINCE CHARMING- and then she can live happily ever after and can impact the world. 

I started really unpacking the Cinderella story, I saw it a story of disempowerment -and as a personal financial nightmare.    Where are you asking or waiting to be rescued or saved in your life, or in your business, or with your finances? Without challenging this narrative, so many women are stuck in a cycle of SELF-SABOTAGE without even realizing it.   The story of being a victim, a bully, and a hero and how our unconscious programming robs us of our sovereignty keeping us in a state of scarcity, fear, and suffering.  

In this episode I sat down with a number of female founders to explore their own Cinderella stories - and how their self-empowered “rags to riches story,” came about - listen in for the empowerment, tenacity and ingenuity in each story. But for most of us, nobody told you, that the narratives you’ve taken on about being helpless, in your relationship with money is a choice.   It is your time to examine how you may be acting out of your own unconscious beliefs and ingrained behaviors. Listen now!