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Nature of Money

Apr 21, 2021

When I look around at the state of the world and how we as a society are being in relationship with money - it seems to me that we are experiencing our own tragic financial fantasyland. As of September 2020 The United States had the highest reported federal deficit - over $3 Trillion dollars. By October 2020 the US Consumer Debt rate reached the highest recorded rate - approximately $4.2 Trillion dollars. 

When we enter into rates of codependency this high we aren’t making decisions from a place of abundance and prosperity. Scarcity and fear rules the land - taxes surge, unemployment rates surge, overworking surges, domestic abuse surges, depression and suicide rates surge.

In this episode of the Nature of Money, we go deeper on the theme of self-examination. Any systemic change  starts on the individual level. Everyday you have a choice. You decide if you will perpetuate a drama cycle or if you will choose sovereignty. Ultimately, you decide how you will be in a relationship with money and how you will make financial decisions everyday - are you growing a flourishing garden, or are you staying stuck in the weeds?

Through the stories of our Female Founders from around the world, we explore how to transform our core beliefs about ourselves and about money - and how those beliefs tie into our net worth and the balance in our bank account. Listen now!