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Nature of Money

Aug 25, 2021

Are unprocessed emotions blocking your ability to live wealthy? 

“Imagine eating or taking a bite of an apple, and then chewing it, and then swallowing it. And then it moves down into your stomach. Imagine never pooping that out, the waste of it. What happens? It's creating a super toxic environment that ultimately will kill you, literally. And similarly, if you're experiencing anger, but you shove it down, and you never let yourself fully process it and digest it, it will also eat away at you. And eventually it will kill you, it will kill your spirit. And it will kill you through your health.” 

- Jennifer Love

In this episode of the Nature of Money, we explore the impact of negative emotions that build up over time: fear, shame, guilt, and how these play out physiologically as well as financially.

I start by talking with Tyler Lowe, the CEO of Return on Ideas, about her experience ‘getting unstuck.’ Then, I sat down with Dr. Ann Shippey, a Board Certified physician and internal medicine doctor, and Dr. Mario Martinez, a biocognition expert and neuroscientist, to explore the impact of the stress on the body caused by unprocessed emotion.

Are you in need of an emotional colonic? As you listen, I invite you to examine what unprocessed emotions are impacting you….and how. Do you have physical symptoms? Are you experiencing burnout? Do you feel frustrated and stuck in business without being clear about why? 

Join us to learn why you need an emotional colonic and what happens when you get one. 

A special thanks to our guests for sharing their experiences and expertise with us. 

You can learn more about their work at:

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