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Nature of Money

Jun 23, 2021

Burnout … so many female founders have experienced this first hand.

In this episode of the Nature of Money, I sit down with Elizabeth Beeds of the Women’s Holistic Business Network- who, through her own workaholic tendencies, ended up alarmingly undernourished, which left her in a state of  physical, emotional and spiritual burnout, plus over $100K in debt.

Together we explore what it looks like to be a workaholic, and the role shame plays in the addiction-burnout cycle. We will talk about what it takes to become more self-aware and give ourselves the self-acceptance we deserve so we can optimize and move into a healthier relationship with work. 

Addiction specialist Dr. Reef Karim also joins us to offer greater insights into the world of addiction.

Are you a workaholic? Have you developed an addiction to avoid facing emotional pain? What does it take to break free from this cycle? 

Maybe you too have been acting out of unconscious beliefs in an addictive pattern, or avoiding the very thing that is preventing you from “living wealthy” - living a life that is both satisfying and joyful.