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Nature of Money

Jul 21, 2021

Do you keep hitting an “upper limit” on your business’ success or your ability to earn money? Often, we’re not even aware of how we are sabotaging ourselves - yet an artificially imposed constraint holds us back from our true potential.  

“Our upper limit isn't good or bad ... I think of it in terms of an indicator. It's an indicator of what needs attention inside of you … We've got all kinds of dashboards, we've got financial dashboards, so we know what's happening, you know, in revenue, in our expenses, and what our profit margin is. The upper limit is part of the dashboard of what's making you feel free and whole and be able to grow and have capacity to go beyond your wildest dreams.”    - Jennifer Love

In this episode of the Nature of Money, I sat down with three powerful female founders : Natalie Jill, is a high performance coach, Lavinia Errico, a visionary wellness CEO, and Lisa Sasevich, an award-winning entrepreneur and business coach.  

We discuss times where they experienced an upper limit in their career and life - and what they did to transcend it. Together, we explore where the Upper Limit comes from, how self-inquiry changes our cycles of sabotage, and the habits necessary to build resilience.

I also interviewed Emma Scharkie, a Sports Psychologist, who talks about the power of mindset to optimize our performance.  

Where are you hitting your upper limit? As you listen, I invite you to examine where you are hitting your Upper Limit in your life and business - and how that might limit your ability to “live wealthy.”

A special thanks to our guests,  Natalie Jill, Lavinia Errico, Lisa Sasevich, and Emma Scharkie, for sharing their experiences and expertise with us.